Getting Around

he best way of getting around Dubai to explore the city during your vacation. A quick how to get around Dubai guide for tourists.

Travel by Car

Once in the city, tourists in Dubai often find it easiest to utilize taxis as one of the best ways to get around Dubai throughout their trip.

 Taxi or Private Car

Most taxis are operated by the government with a few private companies offering alternative services. All taxis run on a meter service with the fee charged by distance, so be sure to ask your driver to turn on their meter if they have not automatically done so.

Licensed taxis are tan with red or pink roofs; taxis with pink roofs are driven by women and intended for women and families only.

Rent a Car


To hire a car, you need an international driver’s licence, passport, credit card and third-party insurance. Once you’re on the open road, take a drive out to Dubai’s mountain town of Hatta.

Want to get in on the luxury car action? One of Dubai’s favourite past times is cruising down the streets in style in a car that turns heads; opt for a Bentley with Paddock Rent A Car or a Bugatti with Apex Luxury Car Hire.

Looking for ultimate flexibility? Try a pay-as-you-go car rental app, like UDrive or ekar.

By Plane

The Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic and the world’s third busiest in terms of total passenger travel.

With direct flights to nearly every continent in the world, it’s no wonder that DXB is so busy. The airport is also the home of Emirates airline, the Middle East’s largest carrier that offers a direct flight to almost every major city in the world, with a special Emirates-only terminal. Other attractive features include luxury passenger lounges and a large duty-free shopping area in each terminal.

Upon arrival, Dubai International Airport is easily connected to the center of the city via the highway system, by taxi or private car, while numerous local bus routes originate at the airport to ferry passengers to different places of interest.

The airport is directly served by the Dubai Metro public transport system which operates two lines to and from the airport. They are easily accessible from the arrival area.

  • From the Airport: Book a Marhaba Bronze “meet and greet” service to fast-track through the airport with zero hassle.
  • Public Transport: It’s forbidden to eat or drink in the metro (and that includes chewing gum!). Cabins are reserved for different categories, like women only and gold class, so watch the signs. Sleeping is not allowed in stations.
  • Taxis: Book a cab by calling 04-2080808. Cabs have a minimum meter charge of Dhs 12. There’s also a Salik charge if you need to go through a toll road. 
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