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AIN DUBAI or, Dubai Eye!The world’s largest ferris wheel inches towards completion in Dubai


  • Over 668 feet tall, it will eclipse the 548-ft High Roller in Las Vegas
  • Once finished it will boast 9,000 tonnes of steel, more than the Eiffel Tower
  • The Ain Dubai is half-done but will eventually be the world’s biggest ferris wheel

It remains a work in progress.But Dubai’s ambitious bid to erect the world’s largest ferris wheel inched closer to completion this week after the first half was successfully finished.At more than 668 feet tall, the Ain Dubai will eventually dwarf the London Eye, plus the current record-holder: the 548-ft High Roller in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s even set to overshadow the 623-ft New York Wheel planned for Staten Island.Images of the progress where shared via social media on Wednesday by Dubai-based holding company, Meeras, who are managing the project.Their visual updates show the 360-degree attraction gradually taking shape at the £1billion Bluewater Island site, where it’s being painstakingly constructed by hundreds of engineers.

One finished in 2018, it will have the capacity to carry 1,400 passengers in 48 self-contained capsules.Made by Hyundai, these double-glazed pods will each measure 100-sq-ft and provide uninterrupted views of the skyline.They’ll also be fully air-conditioned to cope with the famous UAE heat, plus boast sleek wooden floors and Corian benches.

see in dubai :DUbai Eye

Meanwhile, the wheel itself will boast 9,000 tonnes of steel, which is more than the Eiffel Tower, and will weigh more than the equivalent of eight Airbus A380s. A super-sized LED screen will also feature at the core of the build to monetize its presence with advertisements.

Originally called the Dubai Eye, it was first scheduled for completion in 2015 – two years after the project began in 2013. Not that the region isn’t busy accommodating other large-scale building works. In 2013 Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved a £1.75bn scheme to build five theme parks at Jebel Ali as well as a Universal Studios theme park and the world’s biggest shopping mall.

UAE always invest in latest technologies (Robot Cop’s) and the Biggest attraction projects.





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